by Old Problems

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Demo 2012

Matthew Scaggs- vocals
Cameron Barber- guitar, vocals
Andrew Gossen- bass
Lodin Fortenberry- drums, vocals


released December 3, 2012

Recorded by Justin Ross at Westfalia Studios in San Marcos, TX
Additional vocals on "Pipe Dreams" by Matt King



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Old Problems San Marcos, Texas

Five broke dudes, one band on hiatus, infinite possibilities.

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Track Name: stone cold stunner
I try to keep my head from shipwreck, but these old problems just came flooding back. Do you miss me all the time, when you open and shut your green eyes? Do you miss me? Zachary's house two years ago. Why can't I just grow up? I see you everywhere, in everyone, and in everything. I hear you in every drunken yell, and Brand New song we use to sing.
Track Name: handwriting
This winter came too soon. I'm still singing songs in the same sad tune. You're not the person I knew last year. I stay as far as I can get from the bathroom mirror. Watching "A New Hope" with my roommate is the only thing that keeps me sane. I hate these gray clouds. I guess I'll hide from the rain. I'll fall apart and float away in five hundred pieces. I'll fall apart and you'll wish I was everything I never was.
Track Name: pipe dreams
Shut up in my apartment thinking of what's now and who I use to be. Close the blinds, I can never seem to get enough sleep. Reclusive and empty feels right for me. All of our old pictures are torn. They've been weighing on me for too long. I can't help but count the ways I blew this one by one. I'll still feel last Autumn's promises in the air. I'd rather be lost off of shore (a thousand miles away). As far as I can get from your front door. All of my best friends' words still can't fix all of this. I would give anything for this to be over.
Track Name: silver medal
It is too bad that our bodies will die so long before their time. I'm not sure what I miss, you or your innocence. I'm so sick of this routine that's left me buried. Life's become a shit movie on repeat where it's always him, never me. I'm cycling through all of these bad dreams. I did this to myself. I never needed your help. I wish you never said those words to me. Mom, your old habits are making sense. You were so hurt when he left. Regrets and half smoked cigarettes. Six months of trying to live with this. I wonder what you talk about with him. I was such a stupid kid, always saying things I never meant. All your regrets and half smoked cigarettes.